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Boiler Advice for Landlords

A dodgy boiler is the most common problem that UK tenants face. In fact, nearly a third of tenants have experienced a lack of hot water or central heating during their tenancy. There’s a great chance boiler problems have already cost you a lot of time and money – or will do in the near […]

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Getting your rent on time. Dealing with rent arrears.

Regardless of their situation, all landlords want to be paid rent when it’s due, without having to spend time chasing. But how do you ensure this happens? We look through the best ways to get your rent paid, on time, every time. Good tenant – landlord relationship. It is important to build up a friendly, […]

Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord you have certain obligations to your tenant and rules that you must follow. This post provides a brief summary of a landlord’s obligations. Repairs to the rental property In the management of the property you as the landlord are responsible for repairs to the structure of the property and any furniture or […]

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

From 01 April, 2013 it is now a legal requirement to protect tenancy deposits in either an insurance based protection where the landlord holds the deposit or a custodial based scheme where an authorised body holds the funds on behalf of the tenant. More information on

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy performance certificates are a legal requirement for all rental properties. We can assist you to obtain an EPC if your property has not already been rated. Once issued an EPC is valid for 10 years.

Tenancy Agreements

A tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that gives permission for a tenant to live in a property for a certain period of time as long as they abide by certain rules. As a landlord you need to make sure you have the right agreement for your property to be […]

The importance of a property inventory

A property inventory should be considered an important part of the renting process for landlords and tenants if both parties wish for a hassle free relationship. With the number of people living in rented accommodation on the rise across Northern Ireland this is a relationship more people are having to live with every day and […]