Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord you have certain obligations to your tenant and rules that you must follow. This post provides a brief summary of a landlord’s obligations.

Repairs to the rental property

In the management of the property you as the landlord are responsible for repairs to the structure of the property and any furniture or equipment supplied to the property. This includes repairs to the heating system and electrics, plumbing and drainage. The tenant is responsible for repairs to their belongings or for damage that has been caused by them.

Records a landlord must keep

  • a rent book (issued to the tenants)
  • a statement of tenancy terms
  • a gas safety certificate for any gas appliances
  • an Energy Performance Certificate
  • information on the tenancy deposit protection scheme if a deposit has been paid
  • an inventory

Communicating with tenants

It is important that tenants are able to contact you should a problem arise and that you address any problems within a reasonable time. You should let the tenants know of any repairs or improvements to the property, if you plan to sell the property or if it is being repossessed. If you or anyone else needs to enter the property you will need the tenant’s permission.

Tenant deposits

If you take a deposit for a private tenancy on or after 1 April 2013 you are legally obliged to protect this deposit in an authorised scheme.

A security deposit belongs to a tenant. You cannot retain some or all of the money unless you have suffered a financial loss which was caused by the tenant failing to do something that he or she was contractually or legally obliged to do. For a damage to the property a detailed inventory is required to back up any deductions from the deposit.



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