The importance of a property inventory

A property inventory should be considered an important part of the renting process for landlords and tenants if both parties wish for a hassle free relationship. With the number of people living in rented accommodation on the rise across Northern Ireland this is a relationship more people are having to live with every day and that is why a full independent property inventory is more vital than ever before.

A letting inventory is a simple document that instantly eliminates any issues over damage by recording the condition of a property and its contents both when a tenant checks in to their new home and again when they depart the property. This document can contain photographic and video evidence to show proof of condition and means neither party can play the ‘blame game’ over when or who caused the damage. The document is signed by the tenant on check in and used by the landlord or inventory clerk to highlight any damage upon checking out. Using a letting agent or other third party to arrange the inventory and check in / check out process removes the possibility of biase

The property inventory has benefits for both sides of those involved in renting accommodation, a landlord will have the peace of mind that their property is protected and that any damage caused by the tenant will be taken from their deposit. The tenant is also protected by the fact that they will not be held accountable for any damage caused to the property before they moved in and that when the time comes they will be able to leave a property without any hassle. In the worst case scenario if court action is necessary over damage to a rental property it is necessary to have a professional inventory to be used as evidence in the legal process.

Contact KPM Property to arrange a professional property inventory.

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